Kodak will bring back Ektachrome film this year, start selling it in 2018

Kodak first announced its plans to bring Ektachrome 35mm film back from the dead in January at CES. But if you were worried that the announcement was just a lot of marketing hype, you have nothing to fear: it seems the resurrection of Ektachrome is proceeding apace, with full production scheduled for 2018.

This news broke over Twitter, of all places, thanks to an inquisitive Kodak fan named Karen Wink. She asked Kodak what the ETA on the Ektachrome comeback was, to which Kodak replied:


If you’re a fan of the old film, it won’t be long before you can get your hands on a fresh roll of 36 exposures in the 35mm format.


Review: BenQ SW320 PRO 32IN IPS LCD Monitor (32 inch)

Review: BenQ SW320 PRO 32IN IPS LCD Monitor (32 inch)

TheBenQ SW320 PRO is one of the monitors on the market currently drooled over and dreamt about by many a photographer. It offers a whole lot for photographers who need to edit often in addition to printing, managing tasks like email, blogging, etc, and for general designing needs. If you aren’t aware of why this 32 inch monitor that has a whole lot of resolution can do such a great job, then consider the fact that BenQ claims that it can cover over 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. Then add in facts like its ease of calibration with tools like those from Datacolor, the ability to switch between AdobeRGB, sRGB and Black and white, and an SD card reader built right in alongside 3 USB ports and an HDMI out cable.

The monkey selfie case finally ends in settlement

We reported a while ago that the monkey selfie case could come to an end. And finally, this happened. After two years of court battle, David Slater, PETA and Slater’s co-defendant Blurb have reached a settlement. Slater has agreed to donate 25% of any future revenue from the famous selfies to charities that protect the []

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Bite Size Tips: How to Build Your Own Workflow for Post Production

Any work that we process in general, is completed following a particular workflow in order to achieve efficiency. A workflow is a sequence of processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

photo by Caio

Although there is no standard workflow that applies to photography, all photographers develop their own depending on how they work and what is convenient for them.

Once you have created an effective workflow that works best for you, stick with it as it will ensure that you handle your images the same way every time and not miss out on any post processing steps.

Post processing, to be honest, is a smaller part of the bigger photography workflow, but it has its own workflow like the one you see below. This is where you fine tune your images.

  • Pre-visualise and post process the image.
  • Make basic adjustments in Lightroom or in Camera RAW (White balance, exposure, shadows) and import images to Photoshop for working with curves, HSL, etc. as these adjustments can be done non-destructively in Photoshop using adjustment layers.
  • Use layers and Adjustment Layers while working on Curves and HSL. These help you to change the look and feel of the images.
  • Curves are very important tools that help get the correct tonal range in your images.
  • Experiment with different Blending Modes to get different moods in the images as these modes have control over how the current layer blends with the layers beneath it.
  • Adjust the opacity of layers to fine tune the effects of layers and get the right look/feel in the images.
  • Apply finishing touches like sharpening, removing noise.
  • Export images in the required size, ready for delivery to the clients or for printing purposes.
  • Back up your exported files.

Create your own workflow, save time and enjoy more time behind the camera rather than the front of the screen. With practice, one can master the art of post processing and create stunning images in a matter of few seconds or minutes.

Of course, there are a thousand ways to skin this particular cat, so if you want to dive deep on developing a post processing work flow that suits yourown style, then take a look at Mitchell Kanashkavich’s excellent guide on post processing.

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Call for Submissions: The Print Swap Comes to Black Eye Gallery in Sydney!

Black Eye Gallery

In a digital world, physical photographic prints are precious.

Since Feature Shoot launched The Print Swap earlier this year, it has continued to grow with over 2,500 selected photographers swapping prints with other photographers around the world.

For our second Print Swap exhibition, Alison Zavos, Feature Shoot Editor-in-Chief, andBlack Eye Gallery Director and Photographer Tom Evangelidis will be selecting approximately 40 landscape photographs from The Print Swap for an exhibition atBlack Eye Gallery in the Darlinghurst neighborhood of Sydney, Australia. Devoted entirely to contemporary photography, Black Eye Gallery represents emerging and established artists. Photographers who have exhibited at Black Eye Gallery include Sandro Miller, Ron Haviv, Robin Schwartz, Nick Brandt, Simon Harsent, Robyn Beeche, and Frank Ockenfels.

Photographers of all genresare invited to submit work. Simply tag your photos #theprintswap on Instagram or email your images (at 620 px wide) to theprintswap@gmail.com.As always, submitting to The Print Swap is free, though winners pay one-time fee $40 per image to be included. We cover printing and shipping costs. While The Print Swap is ongoing and there is no deadline to submit images, photographers should apply byOctober 10, 2017 at 11:59PM EST to be considered for this show.

Only new landscape images submitted between today, September 4th, and October 10th will be considered for the show. Images that have been submitted and chosen for The Print Swap prior to September 4th, 2017, will not be considered, though previous participating photographers are more than welcome to submit new images.The Print Swap show will run from October 30th through November 12th, 2017.

Learn more at http://www.theprintswap.com and follow along at @theprintswap on Instagram for updates. And be sure to check out the winners ofthe first ever Print Swap exhibition, happening this summer at Photoville at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Black Eye Gallery

Black Eye Gallery

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