Edward Snowden unveils phone app, Haven, to spy on spies

Edward Snowden is the former NSA contractor who exposed US surveillance programs


10 simple DIY gifts for the photography lovers in your life

Christmas is nearly upon us, stores are overcrowded, and inventory is running low. The solution? A DIY gift that is both unique and easy to make! And thanks to the team at Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), you’ve got a ready-made tutorial that will show you how to do just that.

The video highlights 10 simple DIY gifts anyone can make for the photographers and photo lovers in their life. Projects include transforming a Rubik’s cube into a photo cube, a DIY candle holder, unique photo hanger, and lots more. Check out the full video above.

New Kuvrd Universal Lens Cap promises complete protection

Kuvrd, a new silicon Universal Lens Cap, promises to keep both front and rear elements of your lens water- and dust-proof.

What’s more, Kuvrd also claims its lens caps can provide shock absorption, with the level of protection increased as you add multiple caps.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Kuvrd Universal Lens Cap will stretch to fit lenses with a diameter of 60mm up to 150mm.

Kuvrd’s price tag is currently just $30 in its early bird Kickstarter deal.

The company initially set out to raise $2,500 but has blown past that to more than $54,000.

Kuvrd says it hopes to begin shipping its lens caps in March 2018.

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10 camera accessories every photographer needs


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SLC-1L-01: One Speedlight Outdoors – Find Shade

There is an inherent tradeoff when using small speedlights outdoors in daylight. They are light, and convenient and cheap. But they don’t have a ton of power.

And the aggravating factor is the relationship between a small flash and a bright environment. Which is, in turn, governed by our sync speed. And by this I mean our natural speed limit for flash, absent power-robbing gimmicks like high-speed sync (HSS).

At a sync speed of 1/250th of a second, even at a low ISO, you are probably going to be at f/16 in full sun. That’s a small aperture, which means your flash will be working hard to create a full exposure.

Because of that, working in full sun with speedlights usually means we lack the power that we need. Certainly, we don’t have enough power to push the flash’s light through a softening modifier to look nice.

The solution: Get more power… or find some shade. Read more »