360Fly unveils 4K Pro, 4K H and 4K Pro Dual Camera Rig

360Fly has launched a professional version of its popular 360 camera, introducing the 360Fly 4K Pro, with a price tag reportedly at $799.

360Fly has debuted alongside the 4K Pro a new 360Fly 4K H and a Dual Camera Rig aimed at professional users.

360Fly 4K Pro

The 360Fly 4K Pro evolves the 360Fly 4K design to included integrated USB and HDMI cables that enable the 360 camera to stream in 2880 x 2880 resolution while connected to a power source.

The 360Fly 4K H has a more specialised role, designed for mounting on cycling helmets.

The 360Fly 4K H can be mounted to any helmet. Again, no official price is available.

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The 360Fly 4K Pro Dual Camera Rig allows users to mount two of the new 4K Pro cameras side-by-side to create 3D 180-degree footage. Likewise, you can mount them back-to-back for spherical 360-degree footage.

360Fly 4K H helmet cam

Price information wasn’t available at the time of writing.

Via 360 Rumors

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